Springvale Women exists to provide opportunities for women to know Jesus as their Lord and personal saviour, experience spiritual and personal growth, and cultivate meaningful Christian friendships through our ministry and events.

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mentHER circles

God calls us to share our lives, our experience and our perspective with other women. Reconnect and experience the beauty of mentorship as we come together to discuss our thoughts on relevant topics.  mentHER circles is a time of intentional, topic-rich conversation in an intimate, interactive online format.


Women today are seeking more. They want to impact their family, their church, their community, and their world for Christ. Thrive is a vibrant women’s evening discipleship group designed to help women connect, encourage, and grow deeper in their relationship with God. Our purpose is to help women thrive, and live life to the fullest. Through inductive studies, videos, and shared testimonies, we establish a stronger biblical foundation applicable for daily living.


REVIVE, is a ministry of biblical teaching and worship that challenges women to seek God with determined purpose; to awaken a generation of women who, authentically “believe what they say they believe.” Do you ever feel like you had your whole life planned out and somewhere along the way, you just didn’t get the story you were expecting? Sometimes letting go of our expectations of life and learning to lean into God can feel like the most unnatural, undesirable and gut-wrenching thing to do and yet, in order to really experience His presence, we need to be able to release it all to Him. Are we willing to trust and surrender our plans and our “Great Expectations”?

The Prayer Closet

Drop in to ask for prayer, share a praise report and or pray for our Springvale community.   Join our Facebook Group for dates and times or email pray@springvale.org for the ZOOM links.


Pages Book Club

Do you love to read? Get inspired by great writing? AND, love to discuss what you’re learning with other women as well as hear what insights they are gaining? Every 5 days new questions will be asked of the next 2-3 chapters. There will be 1 live meeting on ZOOM at the end of the book. Participants are encouraged to suggest titles for upcoming books.


To join us, please request to join the Facebook Group


Women In The Word
One of the core programs of our Women’s Ministry at Springvale is our weekly Bible studies. These studies are an opportunity for women in our church and in our community to come together to dig deeply into the word of God. The mornings are designed to allow women to minister to one another through discussion of relevant and Biblically based topics. To share, to learn and to pray together. Studies are selected to guide the new believer and to challenge those with more spiritual knowledge. We meet Tuesday mornings 9:30 – 11:00 am. Sessions are held in the fall, winter and spring. Free child care is provided.


One to One Mentoring

    • Why Mentor?
      Mentoring is a powerful and personal way to walk in relationship with other women. Through love, instruction and accountability, you’ll grow spiritually and relationally strong. Any woman can benefit from mentoring at any point in her life. Side by side, one woman walks with another, helping and guiding as they grow in relationship with the Lord and
      learn to deal with life’s issues as godly women.
    • Become a Mentor
      We are currently looking for mentors. If you have a passion for walking alongside others as you share wisdom and life experience. Click HERE if you would like to become a Mentor .
    • Become a Mentee
      If you’re ready for an encouraging relationship with a one-on-one mentor who will pour into your life. Click HERE if you would like to be be mentored.

Psalm 40

An event that allows women to share their own personal story of brokenness, pain and struggle and how they were able to find victory through the grace and love of God. Our testimony is sharing our life’s experiences; the good, the bad and the ugly and how God intercedes to give us a new story through Jesus. Perhaps you are being prompted by God to tell your story; maybe it is your next “assignment”. If you feel God calling you to share your story at the next Psalm 40 gathering please contact women@springvale.org


Harvest Market
Harvest Market is a venue for talented people to sell their goods and services at an event that draws 1000s of people from surrounding communities. The market features artisans, live music and craft workshops, and all proceeds go to the Stouffville Food Bank.


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