Core Classes


Our Core Classes are designed to create the foundation on which people can know God deeper and how we fit in His redemptive story.

Bible Study

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Many believers know what the Bible says, but struggle with how to study, interpret and apply the Bible to their lives. Core classes provide an active learning space for everyone to experience deeper discipleship and spiritual formation. We are currently developing three core classes with the hope that everyone has an opportunity to complete each class over a 3 year period;

  • Christian Story
  • Christian Beliefs
  • Christian Formation

Christian Beliefs

Fall 2024/Details Coming Soon

Christian Formation

Winter 2025


Robert Mulholland defines the Christian life as the process of “being formed into the image of Christ for the sake of others.” The Christian faith isn’t simply about knowing and believing, but about who we are becoming, as we follow Jesus. Everyday, we are ‘becoming’ someone, largely through the habits that make up our daily lives. The Bible provides us with specific habits and rhythms for us to work out our Christian identity. This 10-week class will deepen your understanding of the core Christian habits and equip you with practical tools for living all of life in light of the Gospel.

Christian Story

The Bible is the most printed, most read, most translated, and most influential literary work of all time. Many people are familiar with specific stories from the Bible, but are not familiar with the overarching story of the Bible. We believe that the Bible is the true story of reality, defining God’s purposes for creation and humanity. This class introduces you to the grand narrative of the Bible, as a library of writings that tells one, unified story pointing us to Jesus.


Whether you are new to the Christian faith or have followed Jesus for many years, this 10-week core class will help you understand the true story of creation and how to find your place within it.