Our Springvale Men's Ministry's exists to develop a men’s culture in our church which sparks a resurgence of godly purpose, trust, adventure, and the peace of being connected to God and man.

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  • Band of Brothers Bootcamp

The Band of Brothers Bootcamp Experience is designed with one primary objective: To restore the hearts of men through a real encounter with God.

As John Eldredge says in his book, Wild at Heart, every man was once a boy. And every little boy has dreams, big dreams: dreams of being the hero, of beating the bad guys, of doing daring feats, and rescuing the damsel in distress. Every little girl has dreams too: of being rescued by her prince and swept up into a great adventure, knowing that she is the beauty.


Too often we lose the dream. In the midst of family, career, and responsibilities it fades away. But God hasn’t given up on us ‐ or our dreams.

Men need a deeper understanding of why they long for adventures and battles and a beauty and why God made them just like that. Boot camp is an expedition of the heart to recover a life of freedom, passion, and to help men get their heart back.


It isn’t just another men’s retreat.  That’s the last thing anybody needs. The reason most messages for men ultimately fail is simple: they ignore what is deep and true to a man’s heart and try to shape him up through various forms of pressure.  Not this. This weekend is an honest, direct trek into the deep passions and desires of a man’s heart, the healing of the wounds he’s taken in this battle, the realm of fatherhood and sex and God and calling—life as it was meant to be lived. Through the sessions, times of quiet reflection, movies, adventures and downtime, you will discover something profound about the heart of God and the heart he gave you as a man. Those who come say it is one of the greatest weekends of their entire life.

Mens’ Prayer Groups

Our Mens’ Prayer Group meets at Springvale every Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM.


Life Groups & Events

Our Men’s Life Groups meet weekly from September to May.

Please contact Lester Lau for more details.



Our Band Of Brothers Bootcamp At Camp Mini Yo We is an annual highlight. 

Registration & details can be found at toronto.bootcampdetails.com