Springvale Kids is an awesome place where every kid is welcome. We provide safe, age-appropriate environments for kids with the goal of creating passionate followers of Jesus Christ in the new generation.

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Faith & Education

How can they work together?


Education matters to parents as we care deeply about the growth and development of our children. We want them to learn how to think and have the skills to succeed in the world. In today’s culture where truth is being challenged, we need biblical wisdom when choosing how best to educate our children. Join us as we listen to a panelist of parents discuss how God led their journeys through homeschooling, private school and public education. Our goal is to empower and equip you with other parents in similar stages of life. This will be a great time to listen, learn, and expand your community.

  • Saturday, April 13
  • 9:15-11:30 AM
  • Springvale Chapel

Sundays at 10 AM

  • NURSERY – Newborn to 23 Months
  • FIRST STEPS – 2 Years Old
  • KINDERS – 3-4 Years Old
  • JR. KIDS – SK-Grade 1
  • KIDS CONNECT – Grades 2-5

We use The Gospel Project to help equip our kids to live a life of vibrant faith.


Kids may be dropped off any time after 9:45 AM (contingent upon 2 Team Members in the room).  We ask that you drop off your kid(s) no later than 10:10 AM so we don’t disrupt the program.  Please have an adult come with the pick-up tag immediately after the service to pick up all ages.

Before You Drop Off
We ask that parents take any of the younger kids on a bathroom break before entering the rooms.  This will help us manage the morning well.


Our Traditions

Every Sunday, we celebrate when our kids demonstrate age-appropriate Christian Habits. We begin to practice Traditions in our Kinders (3-4 Years Old) room, all the way to our oldest Grade 5s.

      1. Community – Attending on Sunday
      2. God’s Word – Bringing their Bible
      3. God’s Word – Saying the Memory Verse to a Team Member
      4. God’s Word – Answering the Big Question to a Team Member
      5. Generosity – Giving Tithe
      6. Mission – Bringing a Friend

How it Works
Each Sunday your child will put one ping-pong ball in our special containers for each Tradition they are able to do.  We will have a goal for the year.  If our kids reach their goal (all together), we will have a pizza lunch one Sunday after the service for all the families.  Celebrating is important!

Your kids need your help to be successful with Traditions.  At home is where they will learn the value of their Bible, scripture memory, and tithing…they need regular and consistent teaching and modelling.


For Parents

At Springvale Kids we provide weekly pre-teaching resources to help equip families to spend time together in God’s Word. We honour parents as the primary spiritual nurturers of their own children and wish to encourage them to be the first to teach their kids ‘The Big God Story.’


At Springvale Kids we use an electronic check-in system to ensure your child’s safety while they are in our care. On your first visit, one of our check-in specialists will assist you in gathering basic information about your child (name, address, contact info), as well as any special instructions (allergies or special needs). This information is stored in a secure database and is never shared.  All volunteer Team Members in Springvale Kids go through the multi-step Safe Church Screening Process and must abide by Springvale’s internal safety policies regarding interactions with children.


There are many different opportunities to serve at Springvale Kids. Whether it be working directly with the kids, volunteering with special events, or even serving as a toy cleaning ninja or as part of our prayer team, there is something for everyone at Springvale Kids.

*Please note, all Springvale Kids’ Team Members must be willing to complete the Safe Church screening process.

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