Sundays at Springvale

Elevate. Inspire. Challenge.

Imagine a place where hundreds of people gather together in community. A place where everyone is welcome. A place where God’s name is lifted up. A place where families are nurtured. A place where people are challenged and inspired.


A place of hope. 

A place of belonging.

A place of praise. 

A place of prayer.


These are Sundays at Springvale.

Sunday Series

Speak Up: Taking My Next Step in Prayer

Too often our prayers sound the same whether we are praying for our food, for a friend to trust Jesus, for a sick family member or about the intrusion of pain into our lives. Same words. Same ideas. Same expressions.  The Bible however, is full of a variety when it comes to prayers. People use different words, different expressions and different emotions to call out to God. Speak Up: Taking My Next Step in Prayer is about breaking out of the  monotony and sameness of our prayers and learning to pray with new vitality that connects us to God in real, authentic ways.

Watch a Service

Services are live-streamed Sundays at 10:00 am and are available after on Youtube. Use the link below to check out our channel.

Times & Directions

Upcoming Services




CHRISTMAS EVE – Live  Online @4:30pm On Demand after 6:00pm.

Sunday Kids Program

Springvale Kids is an awesome place where every kid is welcome.

We provide safe, age-appropriate environments for kids (newborn to Grade 5) with the goal of creating passionate followers of Jesus Christ in the new generation.​


For youth Grades 6 to 12, we offer Sunday classes where students leave the service after worship to journey through books of the Bible in a fun, round table discussion format.

  • We help kids and youth explore their faith in community 
  • We provide a kids-centric Sunday worship experience 
  • We make safety our highest priority 
  • We engage parents in their kids’ spiritual journey 
  • We strive to get to know your kids by name
  • We recognize the importance of keeping things fun
  • We value excellence in all that we do