Sundays at Springvale

Elevate. Inspire. Challenge.

Imagine a place where hundreds of people gather together in community. A place where everyone is welcome. A place where God’s name is lifted up. A place where families are nurtured. A place where people are challenged and inspired.


A place of hope. 

A place of belonging.

A place of praise. 

A place of prayer.


These are Sundays at Springvale.

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Philippians: Choosing Joy

We want joy. We are willing to pay for it, pursue it, and even power up on others in attempts to get it. We chase joy. It feels good and brings relief from the burdens of family, work, health, finances, and, well, everything. But how many of us can truly say, “I live a joy-filled life?” We miss joy because we think we must pursue it to get it. We live in the world of “if”. If I get enough money; if I get into a good school; if I could find the right partner; if I could experience great travel; if I could obtain a nice home; if I could avoid problem people; if things would go right in my life…THEN I’d be filled with joy. If that is true, then why aren’t we filled with joy?

Watch a Service

Services are live-streamed Sundays at 10:00 am and are available after on Youtube. Use the link below to check out our channel.

Times & Directions

Upcoming Services

SUNDAY SERVICE: In-person & Online at 10:00 AM

CHRISTMAS EVE: In-person & Online at 4:30 PM

Sunday Kids Program

Springvale Kids is an awesome place where every kid is welcome.

We provide safe, age-appropriate environments for kids (newborn to Grade 5) with the goal of creating passionate followers of Jesus Christ in the new generation.​


  • We help kids and youth explore their faith in community 
  • We provide a kids-centric Sunday worship experience 
  • We make safety our highest priority 
  • We engage parents in their kids’ spiritual journey 
  • We strive to get to know your kids by name
  • We recognize the importance of keeping things fun
  • We value excellence in all that we do