Life is an adventure. And while we all have different experiences along the way, it is a journey that we are meant to do together. We invite you to join the climb with us.

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Everyone is confronted with challenges in life. Anxiety, loss and grief, addiction, bad relationships, stress - the list goes on. None of us are immune to issues. But what you are facing is not unique. No matter how dark, shame-filled, or overwhelming it may feel to you, someone else has been there. We want to provide you with some helpful, confidential resources. We're here for you.

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Beginning May 15

Solomon told us that we need to guard our hearts because our lives are directed and controlled by our hearts. In our next series, “Delivered”, we are going to examine four common sins that imprison us and learn ways to find freedom to love Jesus with our whole hearts.


This next sermon series begins Sunday, May 15 at 1o:00AM and will be available in-person and online.

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