Life is an adventure. And while we all have different experiences along the way, it is a journey that we are meant to do together. We invite you to join the climb with us.

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In one of his last voice messages to me he said, “God works in mysterious ways.”. Dave (not his real name) was a close friend of mine in high school, we played road hockey almost every day after school. He was the goalie and good

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Everyone is confronted with challenges in life. Anxiety, loss and grief, addiction, bad relationships, stress - the list goes on. None of us are immune to issues. But what you are facing is not unique. No matter how dark, shame-filled, or overwhelming it may feel to you, someone else has been there. We want to provide you with some helpful, confidential resources. We're here for you.

Issues I face

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“What is the Worry Monster telling you?” I remember asking my kids that question when they were little…and it usually happened to be bedtime. Bedtime always seemed to be the time that Worry Monster came whispering or even shouting at them. All kids experience some fear and

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Choosing Joy

We want joy. We are willing to pay for it, pursue it, and even power up on others in attempts to get it. We chase joy. It feels good and brings relief from the burdens of family, work, health, finances, and, well, everything. But how many of us can truly say, “I live a joy-filled life?” We miss joy because we think we must pursue it to get it. We live in the world of “if”. If I get enough money; if I get into a good school; if I could find the right partner; if I could experience great travel; if I could obtain a nice home; if I could avoid problem people; if things would go right in my life…THEN I’d be filled with joy. If that is true, then why aren’t we filled with joy? Philippians is God’s book on joy. If you’d like your joy meter to jump, then this next series is for you.


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