Soul Care


Soul Care Ministry exists to help individuals find freedom from sin, past hurts, habits or demonic influence through a process that seeks the Holy Spirit to identify issues needing change or correction. We are all just walking each other home.

three women walking down a path together

If you have any questions please contact: soulcare@springvale.org

More Information

We are all in the process of being sanctified & we all carry a long list of past experiences. Some of those experiences leave us with good baggage; positive and useful things we have learned or experienced in life contribute to a healthy sense of God, self and others. Some of what we carry is not positive or useful and we need to get rid of it if we want a healthy and vibrant relationship with God, ourselves and others. These things could be: lies we have believed about ourselves or God or life; painful experiences that have caused brokenness; sinful patterns that we have fallen into; and many more. On top of that, our own responses, which may not be constructive,  and our accuser, who is definitely not constructive impact our baggage as well, complicating things further. Often this baggage influences our daily interactions, decisions and feelings. And often we aren’t even aware of how much our baggage affects how we live.


Soul Care Ministry provides a holistic approach to walking with people and helping them experience the freedom and authority of Christ which leads to mature, victorious, and humble living for Christ.  Soul Care Ministry guides participants through a process of exploration, prayer and discovery that leads to healing and growth.  There is a lot to cover when it comes to caring for and shepherding a hurting soul. Some areas being covered are:

  • securing your identity, 
  • repentance, 
  • breaking family sin patterns, 
  • forgiving others, 
  • healing wounds, 
  • overcoming fears,  
  • releasing and discipleship,  just to name a few.

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