Saturday, October 31, 2020

Stouffville Location
Stouffville Arena
12483 Ninth Line 

Newmarket Location

Church of Christ

230 Davis Drive

More Information

How it Works

      1. This is a 100% FREE event!
      2. This hunt requires the use of a car.  You cannot do this on foot/bike.
      3. Choose which town you want to “hunt” in.
      4. Go to the starting location between 1-2 pm to check-in and receive your instructions
      5. The hunt will take approximately 1 hour.
      6. You will need to have visited the final location by 3pm regardless if you have reached all the locations.
      7. All other locations will shut-down at 3pm.
      8. We encourage costume wearing!
      9. Yes!  There are prizes!


COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

      1. Volunteers will be wearing masks at each location and will have hand sanitizer available.
      2. All volunteers will be screened prior to the event.
      3. You must remain in your vehicle with your family for the duration of the event.
      4. We ask that if anyone who;
        • is experience COVID-19 like symptoms,
        • is waiting on a COVID-19 test result,
        • or has been in close contact with a suspected or a confirmed COVID-19 case in the last 14 days,  that you do not participate in the hunt.


Questions?  Please contact Andrea at



Stouffville Starting Location

Newmarket Starting Location